🔥Burn Mechanism
Burn Mechanism 1: Farming & Yield Aggregation
Everyone will know this segment and it is what makes us a decentralized finance platform. Week by week we will include new farming pairs with incredible annual profit percentages so you don't want to leave PolyEarn.
Burn Mechanism 2: Lottery
The second burning mechanism that we will be launching is our Lottery. The lottery will be a fun way for our investors to win PEN tokens. 20% of all lottery winnings will be burned. 80% will be awarded in rewards. This is subject to change as we are currently improving the incentive structure.
Burn Mechanism 2: Predictions
The predictions will allow us to decide if the value of a token or cryptoactive will be higher or lower in a period of time. In this way, you can earn PEN tokens by applying the analyzes that you studied so much. Unlike other platforms, it will be allowed to decide the temporality and different tokens or cryptocurrencies. In this way, a percentage of the profits will be burned and thus allow the PEN token to be valued.
Burn Mechanism 3: Launchpad
PolyEarn Launchpad is a platform designed so that all entrepreneurs who start in the world of cryptocurrencies and have a project, can start their pre-sale at a low cost and without major restrictions. Why are we different from the existing ones? We will not use the typical mechanism of forcing the public to have a certain amount of tokens to participate in the presale. In addition, we will use this ecosystem to offer marketing of new projects.
Burn Mechanism 4: NFTs
We have a team of designers committed to generating the best NFTs in the PolyEarn community. The sale of NFT's will allow us to value our utility token, also allowing us to have a safe place to market this type of token.
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