This is our roadmap for this year. We have many more ideas to launch, but little by little things get better.

📍July 2021

The PolyEarn team will put all its effort in the search for alliances and in looking for more investors. MARKETING MONTH

🚀August 2021

The launchpad platform will begin to work, which will allow other projects to carry out their presale at low cost.

🔮September 2021

Launch of Predictions, a way to channel your learning in technical analysis, obtaining unthinkable profits.

🍀October 2021

Launch of the PolyEarn Lottery, a game that will allow us to expand the token burning mechanism, and win profits to investors.

🖼November 2021

More than DeFi
The NFT's will come to PolyEarn from the hand of our designers


    Referral Program
    Buy Crypto With Fiat on PolyEarn
    And more
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